Check cached websites via Google cache and Archive org

Google web cache

You want to browse the website but it is temporary out or it is blocked by your firewall or your computer was banned by this site? There is no need to be disappointed and wait - just visit its cached websites version. What is the web cache?

Google is not just the most popular search engine in the world, it is also the most powerful. It saves thousands of pages snapshots every day and puts them in the cached pages database. Google cache is available all the time even when the web page is down for some reason. If you need to open such page at the moment and can’t wait till it comes back to life, the easiest way is to open the cached version. Google cache is some kind of online book storage, where you can open, visit and browse cached websites event when they temporary down. Google renews its cache 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes less often, frequency of updates depends on how often website developers update their website.

How to get google cached pages?

  1. Try to open your site using next link
  2. Try to google your site and find green triangle next to site URL and click on the word “cache”.
  3. Or just choose easier way and let us to do all thinking job - enter your website link in form and we will redirect you on the cached pages version right away.

Do you know that the cached version of the site could be even faster than the real site? The cache is stored by powerful google web servers which makes webpage cache more accessible than it’s the real version on slow web servers.

What if you need to open the cached version on mobile device? It's not very comfortable to copy-paste using sensor screens. But it will be much easier with our google cache browser which we are going to launch soon. You will be able to browse all sites web cache without entering URL every time you want to follow other pages.

Google cache
Archive org

The cache by Archive org website

Do you know that the Internet has its wayback machine? You don’t? Archive org is a kind of websites archive where users can find not only the latest version of the website cache but also browse the site in the time dimension and see how the site looked during all the time of its existing.

How to view site cache on Wayback machine?

  1. Open Archive org website and enter your site URL
  2. You will see the calendar, which shows a few dates for what your website archive is available.
  3. Click date, which suits you the best and check your archived version

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